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Garage Door Cables

Posted by Matt Nyman on Mon, Feb 24, 2014 @ 02:37 PM

Are the cables worn on your older garage door?

One of the most crucial parts of your overhead acting garage door are the cables. Cables are made up of many smaller strands of cable wound together to help in the process of lifting your garage door. The cable is attached from the bottom fixture to the drums on the shaftline. They are behind the vertical track that is attached to the wall with track brackets.

Take a flashlight and look between the door and track. What you will look for are frays or larger strands that are broken loose from the main body of the cable. If you do see a problem with your cables, call a door professional immediately-do not delay.

You do not want a broken cable with your vehicle stuck inside, plus the extra damage that your track may sustain. Garage door service technicians don't like broken cables, sixteen foot wide doors can be tough to wrestle with! The bigger the door, the harder to work on sometimes.

You should look when the door is closed and always be careful of the cables, they are under extreme tension.

A safe smooth rolling garage door is what you want.